{ Christmas Gatherings Manual

Become a Host


To be well-prepared in order to create an environment where guests feel warmly welcomed.


Ask God’s guidance over every detail of your Gathering and preparation. Enjoy the process of both trusting God and being used by Him. You will find the Spiritual Preparation section helpful.
Ask two friends to pray for you and your Gathering.


Prayerfully consider the group of people you would like to reach.

  • Possibilities include neighbors, co-workers, clubs, baby-sitting co-ops, sports groups, mothers and daughters, etc.
  • It is best not to mix groups.

Select an appropriate day and time for this group and your speaker.


A. Select your speaker:
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not speak at your own Gathering. Having a friend share as your speaker allows you to focus on being a host.
  • If your party is part of a coordinated effort in a church or city, a trained speaker should be provided for you.
  • If you are selecting your own speaker, read the material found in the speaker’s section of this manual. Prayerfully choose an appropriate speaker and ask your speaker to follow the guidelines using The Christmas Gathering Talk.
  • It is best to use a male speaker or a couple for mixed Gatherings.
B. Inform your speaker:
  • Discuss the type of party and dress, casual or formal.
  • Give clear directions to your home, as well as date and time of party.
  • Share prayer requests with regarding your Gathering.
  • Let your speaker know if you are willing to host a follow-up Bible study in January, so that they will include that information when presenting the comment cards.
  • If possible, arrange to meet personally with your speaker before the Gathering.
  • Ask the speaker to arrive 30 minutes early for prayer.


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