{ Christmas Gatherings Manual

Following Your Gathering

I. Christmas Gatherings foster on-going relationships

It is important to remember that the Christmas Gathering is not an end in itself. It is a tool to help you share Christ with people in your sphere of influence. Normally, an event like this will open up doors for relationships and future ministry opportunities. Proper follow-up is an essential part of having an ongoing ministry with friends, business associates, and neighbors.

II. Comment cards help determine the response to your Gathering

Use the comment cards to help you determine what type of follow-up is needed. There are generally three types of responses. After determining the nature of the response, the host should pray about what the next step with their guest should be. The following are some suggested ways to reach out:

A. Spiritual Response: A Response to the Message and Prayer
  1. Start a 4-6 week follow-up Bible study in your neighborhood or workplace (see Starting a Bible Study).
  2. Take your guests to a basic Bible study.
  3. If your guest has received Christ, explain what took place and help them be assured of their salvation.
  4. Get together for coffee and share your personal testimony and/or the gospel with them. You could use a small booklet such as The Four Spiritual Laws, Would You Believe It?, Steps to Peace With God (see Resources page).
  5. Invite your guests to another Christian activity. Examples: Christian concert, Christian conferences and retreats, Christian Womens’ Club, etc.
B. Social Response: A Response to You and Being in Your Home

Take a personal interest in your guests and their activities such as hobbies, shopping, or sports. Purpose to not talk about spiritual things unless they initiate the conversation.

C. No Response/ Negative Response:

When there is no apparent response, concentrate on those who seemed open to the gospel and you.
When there is a negative response, diffuse their resentment by personally apologizing if you offended them by including them in your gathering. Explain that you purposefully stated that a friend would be sharing some thoughts about Christmas, so they would not be taken by surprise.
Remember that you are not apologizing for the gospel.
About one-third of Christmas Gatherings create enough spiritual response to begin a Bible study.
The following suggestions will help you begin a Bible study following your Gathering.
Ask God what He wants you to do in the lives of your guests as a result of your Gathering!

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