{ Christmas Gatherings Manual

A Letter From Joyce

Warmest Greetings!
Little did I know, when I spoke for two Christmas Gatherings
in 1981, that it was the beginning of a lifelong adventure that
would be used of God to touch lives literally all over the world!
Those first two parties were attended by 40 guests. We marveled
at the ease we all felt as the gospel was simply shared. The response
was thrilling, and in January, over half of the participants attended
Bible studies held in the hostesses’ homes.
I shared the Christmas Gathering idea with six women in a discipleship
group the following year and, together, we held five Gatherings.
The next year, twelve more friends experienced the joy of sharing
the gospel with neighbors through Christmas Gatherings.
By now, I was convinced that anyone could host a Gathering. A
pastor in my church asked how our church could utilize these Gatherings.
The first year we trained five speakers and held 23 parties, and
now our church does 40 to 75 annually! Over a 20 year period . .

  • 1,200 parties were held by individuals
  • 18,000 people attended
  • 2,040 people indicated that they received Christ
  • 3,600 people were interested in coming to Bible study

As excitement grows, news is spreading to other churches and
individuals. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, over 75 churches of
various denominations have hosted thousands of Gatherings reaching
tens of thousands of people with the good news of Jesus Christ.
Articles in magazines, radio programs, this manual, trainings and
mainly word-of-mouth enthusiasm have caused these parties to spread
all over the world.
Through Christmas Gatherings, thousands have indicated that they
have received Jesus Christ, and numerous follow-up Bible studies
have been started. Not only have the Gatherings brought exciting
changes in people’s lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ,
but they also foster incomparable growth opportunities for Christians
who want to reach out and share their faith with others.
The following links on the sidebar menu will tell you all you
need to know about Christmas Gatherings and how to host one or many.
It is my hope and prayer that this manual will be used to encourage
and equip you to help reach your world with His powerful gospel.
May you experience, as I have, God’s enabling power and delight.
In His Love,
Joyce Bademan
Founder and National Director