{ Christmas Gatherings Manual

Outlines For Training

Here are outlines for two trainings. The first is for training hosts and speakers, the second is for a followup meeting.

Training for Hosts and Speakers

(2 – 2 1/2 Hours)


I. Welcome and Opening Prayer
II. Vision –Description of a Gathering

(See Joyce’s Letter, Testimonials, and Our Purpose)

III. Introductions
  1. A. What has God done in your heart to cause you to be here?
  2. B. For what group will you have a Gathering?
IV. Model a Christmas Gathering
V. Read Comment Cards

Optional: You may wish to divide speakers and host into two groups before or after Spiritual Preparation.

VI. Spiritual Preparation
VII. What You Need to Know as a Speaker
  1. A. Prayer
  2. B. The Guests
  3. C. The Christmas Gathering Talk
  4. D. Preparation For the Gathering and Time Table.
  5. E. Points to Remember
VIII. What You Need to Know as a Host
  1. A. Prayer
  2. B. Guests
  3. C. Your Speaker
  4. D. Invitations
  5. E. Creating the Atmosphere
  6. F. Your Gathering
  7. G. Follow-Up
IX. Prayer – Closing – Questions


Praise/Follow-up Meeting

( 1 – 1 1/2 Hours in early January)

I. Welcome and Opening Prayer
II. Sing two or three hymns or choruses at the beginning or intersperse.
III. Guidelines for sharing time
  1. A. Bring glory to God, not to the people involved.
  2. B. Question: What did God do in your life or in the lives of others as you prepared for and were involved in Christmas Gatherings.
IV. Read from comment cards from your Gatherings
V. Ideas for follow-up
  1. A. Responses to three types of comment cards Pick out and read some cards from all three categories
  2. B. Bible Study suggestions
VI. Prayer – Closing – Questions

How To Lead An Evangelistic Bible Study ( 1 – 1 1/2 Hours)
Training for those hosting Bible Studies held after Praise Meeting or at another time.