{ Christmas Gatherings Manual

Information For the Coordinator


To pass on the vision and administrate the details of Christmas Gatherings in your sphere of influence.
The coordinator is the person in a church or group who accepts the responsibility for the following administrative and training tasks:

I. Organize a Committee:

Create a committee of like-minded people who will help in the administrative and training tasks. Encourage committee with regular communication.

II. Permission:

Seek permission from the pastor, the board, or Bible study leader depending on the group planning the Gatherings.

III. Finances:

The church or Bible study may fund expenses relating to printing, postage, and promotion. (Often hosts pay for their own manuals and invitations.) Donations may also be requested from interested friends.

IV. Vision:

Promote Gatherings within the church or Bible study through use of posters, verbal announcements, a bulletin insert (page 53 – download manual), media, or testimonies. One great way to impart vision to potential hosts and speakers is to share some of the comments from people who have been involved in the Christmas Gatherings in past years. You can put these on a flyer that is distributed in your church bulletin or newsletter.

V. Recruit Speakers:

Prayerfully make a list of potential speakers. Look for teachability, a heart for evangelism, a love for people and an ability to relate to others – not necessarily a public speaker or teacher. Ask your pastor or other leaders to suggest potential speakers. Use discernment with those who “volunteer” to speak. Plan on speakers doing at least two Gatherings.

VI. Recruit Host:

Prayerfully make a list of people you believe would want to host a Gathering in their home. Make personal contact with them and share how they can reach out to friends and neighbors. Use publicity such as announcements, a bulletin insert (page 53 – download manual), and posters . You may wish to hold “Demonstration Gatherings” in homes or the church to introduce this opportunity.

VII. Train Speakers and Hosts:

Hold sessions in October or early November for speakers and hosts unless there is area- or city-widetraining available.

VIII. Schedule Gatherings:

Prayerfully match speakers and hosts and record on prayer calendar.

IX. Organize Prayer Support:

A Christmas Gathering calendar (page 52 – download manual) may be reproduced and mailed to all participants. One or two specific prayer partners can be recruited by the speaker and host to pray for their particular Gathering. Consider posting on your church website.

X. Praise and Follow-Up Meeting:

Plan a praise gathering for December or early January for host and speakers.

XI. Physical Arrangements for Meetings:

Plan for room set-up, child care, refreshments, materials, and decorations for various meetings.

XII. Record Keeping

Print and give evaluation forms at training sessions to all participants. By January, collect all information and record results. Keep records of all meetings. This information will help you for the following year. You may wish to share a summary of the ministry year with your pastor. Please send your ministry summary (see Evaluations page) to your city or state coordinator, or to the National Office by January 15.

Time Line for Coordinator


  • Authority / Approval Pastor, evangelism leader, Board, Bible study leader, women’s ministry director
  • Finances For publicity, mailings, manuals and invitations
  • Select Speakers
  • Purchase or make Invitations 30 – 40 per Gathering
  • Present Vision/Publicity Pulpit, flyers, women’s groups, video, Sunday school classes, bulletin, posters, word-of-mouth.
  • Recruit Hosts


  • Continue Recruiting Hosts
  • Hold Speaker and Host Training


  • Schedule All Gatherings With Speaker and Date
  • Make and Mail Prayer Calendar


  • Hold Gatherings First two weeks


  • Praise and Follow-Up Meeting and How to Lead a Bible Study Training One week prior to Christmas or early January

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